Manhattn's - A taste of New York — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Manhattn's - A taste of New York

Full corporate identity, packaging range and interior design for Manhattn's, a brand new hamburger restaurant bringing the taste of New York to Brussels.

Chouffe beer redesign — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Chouffe beer redesign

A refreshing rework of the classic Chouffe gnome and packaging.

Tarmak identity design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Tarmak identity design

Full identity design for subculture store Tarmak

Visual identity for Piccard Clinic — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Visual identity for Piccard Clinic

Piccard Clinic is a forward-thinking medical institute based in Antwerp.

Aperol Aperitivo Bar — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Aperol Aperitivo Bar

Illustrative panels for Liège-based pop-up 'Aperitivo Bar'.

Olvarit Packaging design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Olvarit Packaging design

Packaging design for a line extension of babyfood giant Olvarit

Douwe Egberts Dag van de Buren — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Douwe Egberts Dag van de Buren

Design of Douwe Egberts 2014 Neighbours’ Day key visual

Corporate identity design for TvBastards — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Corporate identity design for TvBastards

Complete corporate identity design for TvBastards, a Belgium-based production house

Coca-Cola Infographics — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Coca-Cola Infographics

Isometric visuals to explain and illustrate how Coca-Cola is created.

Olvarit Kitchen of the World Packaging design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Olvarit Kitchen of the World Packaging design

Visual identity and packaging design for "Kitchen of the World"

Chat Noir Rebranding — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Chat Noir Rebranding

When the Belgian household name Chat Noir (“Black Cat”) needed a complete overhaul of their brand identity.

Duvel Moortgat Style Integrations — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Duvel Moortgat Style Integrations

Branded style integrations that are tailored to the style of a specific venue.

Olvarit Toddler   — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Olvarit Toddler

Concept & design of Arthur, Olvarit's new mascotte

Agressive Male Bonding bottle design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Agressive Male Bonding bottle design

Brand-new bottle design and a delicious mix itself

Venuez Fair identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Venuez Fair identity

Giving the Venuez Hospitality fair a recognizable brand identity & main entrance

P.C. Boschmans visual identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
P.C. Boschmans visual identity

Visual identity design for P.C. Boschmans, an established name in the jewellery business.

Past-a-Porter visual identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Past-a-Porter visual identity

Redesign of the Past-a-Porter brand identity

Wasbar identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Wasbar identity

Identity design for Wasbar

L'Oreal Playball — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
L'Oreal Playball

Packaging design for the professional hairstyling products of L'Oreal.

Fanta Key Visual design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Fanta Key Visual design

3D design of eyepopping key-visuals for Fanta Europe

Coca-Cola Rocket Design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Coca-Cola Rocket Design

This Rocket will make your sipping-moments even more fun

Coca-Cola VIP Box — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Coca-Cola VIP Box

Inspired by the concept of 'fine dining' the design team opted for a chic and subtle approach.

Balance visual identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Balance visual identity

Balance Human Resources visual identity