Lotus Café — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Lotus Café

The Lotus Café is a multifunctional meeting point that immerses visitors and employees alike in the Lotus brand and company atmosphere.

Van Gorp store interior — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Van Gorp store interior

Van Gorp, a local Belgian optician, challenged us to design their new identity and store interior not following the standard „optician rules”.

KOMONO pop-up store by YOUR — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
KOMONO pop-up store by YOUR

The freshly designed Komono shop-in-shop furniture got a great revealing in the Komono pop-up store by YOUR in Antwerp.

ORAC Showroom — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
ORAC Showroom

We completely renewed Orac's showroom.

Bread&Butter booth Timberland — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Bread&Butter booth Timberland

Pinkeye designed Timberland's 2014 F/W Bread&Butter booth.

Jacqmotte Pop-up Atelier — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Jacqmotte Pop-up Atelier

Jacqmotte’s quest for perfection has taken on the form of a true pop-up atelier in the centre of Antwerp.

Interior Redesign Occhi  — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Interior Redesign Occhi

Identity and shop interior design for OCCHI opticians, a local Belgian eyewear and eye care center.

Bacardi & Coca-Cola Bar Versuz Club — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Bacardi & Coca-Cola Bar Versuz Club

Bar design for two leading brands -Coca-Cola & Bacardi- in one of Europe's biggest clubs

Manhattn's - A taste of New York — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Manhattn's - A taste of New York

Full corporate identity, packaging range and interior design for Manhattn's, a brand new hamburger restaurant bringing the taste of New York to Brussels.

Timberland Bread and Butter Spring 2014 Booth — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Timberland Bread and Butter Spring 2014 Booth

Combining Timberland's heritage of steel and lumber with the vibrant and playful colors of spring.

Jupiler bar in Area V — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Jupiler bar in Area V

Concert area V's big bar for Jupiler was designed to last

Pharmacy Sint-Lievens-Houtem — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Pharmacy Sint-Lievens-Houtem

Mixing old-school Pharmacy design with retail experience

Eskimo  — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign

Interior design for Eskimo, a family business from Ghent - Belgium

Stella Artois Bar Versuz Club — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Stella Artois Bar Versuz Club

Iconic bar design for Stella Artois, located in the main area of Versuz Club

Tarmak store design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Tarmak store design

Redesign of the Tarmak store in every single aspect

MAC Cosmetics Store Liege — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
MAC Cosmetics Store Liege

Welcome to the new MAC Cosmetics store in Liège

Wasbar Antwerp — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Wasbar Antwerp

Wasbar, the story continues in Antwerp

 Wasbar Ghent — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Wasbar Ghent

Wasbar is the coolest way of managing your time, sipping coffee, working on your laptop or even getting your hair done while your undies are getting washed.

Start People Pilot office — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Start People Pilot office

Employment agency sets a new industry trend thanks to its functional design

Venuez Fair identity — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Venuez Fair identity

Giving the Venuez Hospitality fair a recognizable brand identity & main entrance

Martini Terrazza — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Martini Terrazza

Furniture and terrace design for Martini on the roof of Noxx Antwerp

Shoe Class Sneaker Store — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Shoe Class Sneaker Store

Store design for Shoe Class, one of Antwerp's top Sneaker stores

Pinkeye design studio — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Pinkeye design studio

Design of our very own studio

OZ Flagship Interior design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
OZ Flagship Interior design

1020 m2 of office space we redesigned in a hospitality environment

Oscar Opticiens shop design — Pinkeye #pinkeyedesign
Oscar Opticiens shop design

Oscar Opticiens is expanding its business.

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